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Metro Development Area
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Issues (and concerns)

Each election is a vitally important one, the 6 May 2014 election is no different.  The future of our Town will be decided on by those who are elected to make the important decisions.  Your voice in deciding who will make those critical decisions will decide the direction of the Town on a number of important issues.

  Outlined on this website are some of the more important issues.  Also, I share some of my concerns. You may read more by clicking on the tabs to the left.

Within the challenges facing us as a community are opportunities.  These challenges can afford us growth and the opportunity to enhance the quality of life in our community  provided  the growth is balanced and it serves the community`s needs. 

Metro Development Area

Many citizens tell me that they moved to Herndon, attracted by the future Herndon Metro Rail station.  You have told me that you want convenient and easy access to the Herndon station when it opens a few years from now. 

Other citizens have expressed their concern that the redevelopment in area in Herndon adjacent to the Herndon Metro Station not be over developed, and  at the same time be attractive to business and to visitors and not overwhelm neighboring communities.

I support your visions of what our Metro Development area should be and can be.

The evolution of this area adjacent to the new station will occur gradually and incrementally . It will be shaped by a document that I am proud to say that I had a part in shaping – the Architectural Guidelines for the Herndon Transit-Oriented Core.

  As your Councilman, I pledge to continue to listening to your visions,  your concerns  and to continue to work to ensure that the Herndon stop on the Metro Rail will represent and benefit our community well.

Neighborhood Preservation  

    Rapid growth and intense development will impact citizens financially and adversely affect the quality of life that we now enjoy. 

   Preserving the character of one of Virginia`s premier small towns while capitalizing on the potential benefits of having a rail stop close to the town limits offers opportunities and challenges.

  Your investment in your home and your community is one of the biggest investments that you`ll make.  You chose Herndon for many reasons, some attracted by Herndon`s charm, some for Herndon`s potential that can be brought about by the arrival of the MetroRail at the Metro stop that should will soon begin construction and is scheduled to open in late 2018 or early 2019.


Simply stated, I support the arts in our community.

I volunteer as a TV camera operator with Herndon Community Television filming cultural and performing arts events put on by various organizations in our community, including ArtSpace and the Town Square Singers, as well as the Herndon Festival.

I volunteer at JamBrew events and I have been a volunteer at Friday Night Live events.

One of the initiatives that I proudly supported was grant funding to our Herndon High School Band for their trip to perform for the Veterans at Pearl Harbor this past December 7th.  My support also included a private donation from my personal funds.

During my terms on Council, I have supported grant funding and allocating matching Town funds for grant programs benefitting the arts in Herndon.

 Herndon`s Downtown


  Another concern that citizens have expressed is their desire to see our core downtown area revitalized and renewed. As a 20 year resident of the town, I enthusiastically share this vision.

Early last year, we adopted the Herndon Downtown Pattern Book - a guide for redevelopment in our core Downtown area.  This document is the embodiment of our community’s vision of what the future Downtown Herndon should look like.  This guide was developed in an open and inclusive process and it incorporates many ideas from people like you.  I am proud to have been part of the process that brought forth this Downtown Pattern Book and thank those who took part in bringing form to their vision.

Our core downtown area will benefit by attracting more and varied businesses to locate there.  Our downtown area will benefit from having new development that supports and enriches the lifestyle of our residents. I am excited about the possibilities that change in our downtown can bring.  I look forward to being a catalyst for making that change happen as your Councilmember.


No one wants to pay more taxes for town services and amenities. During my three terms on the Herndon Town Council, one of my key priorities was efficient…and affordable town government.  During those six years on the Herndon Town Council, I`ve worked to maintain tax rates at or near the rate in effect when I first took office.  Should I be re-elected to Council, I will continue this fiscally conservative approach.

Campaign Finance 

A new and disturbing trend in Herndon government and elections is the intrusion by well-funded outside interests and political parties who are using Herndon for much larger national agendas.  They spend large, wreak havoc, create divisions, and then move on, leaving the people of Herndon to pick up the pieces.  We can't be a pawn to these intruders.  That's why I am enthusiastically for campaign finance disclosure, open government, and a non-partisan, citizen-centered Town.  And that is why I will not accept any support from a political party or an outside special interest group.

I challenge my opponents to do likewise.

   Vote to re-elect Charlie D. Waddell to the Herndon Town Council on Tuesday, May 6th 2014 !



                                                     Authorized by Charlie D. Waddell