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I enthusiastically support maintaining the sanctity and charm of our communities.  Your home and neighborhoods are among your most important investments.  Preserving the allure and maintaining the protections afforded by out Zoning Ordinance is one of the duties of your elected officials.   I have voted on numerous occasions to deny changes to the Zoning Ordinance that would have a deleterious impact on the community as a whole.  One of those situations was a draft change to the zoning ordinance that would have permitted the keeping of livestock in the backyard residential neighborhoods.  We have had applications for special exceptions for the operation of home based businesses in residential neighborhoods.  Where neighbors have voiced objections to those applications, I have voted with the community and against applications that would have negatively impacted the community. On several occasions I have voted to uphold the standards of the Historical District.

I will continue to uphold our community standards and resist efforts to undermine their enforcement.

                      Vote to re-elect Charlie D. Waddell to the Herndon Town Council                                                  Tuesday, May 6th 2014 !



                                            Authorized by Charlie D. Waddell